Dog First Aid

I have just returned from running my fifth Pet First Aid course.

The first one I ran in a bar over 3 evenings, the second one in a cafe over 2 mornings, and the third in a holistic retreat centre as a full day course.

I have to say I much prefer running the full day course, as the participants are less distracted having set aside a full day to explore this important area of learning.

The course covers the following aspects of First Aid for your pet.
• Introduction
• The vet and your role in first aid
• Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
• Car Accidents
• Pet proofing your home
• How pets show pain
• Checking your pet’s health
• Pet Accidents and First Aid
• Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
• Dog CPR (using specially designed dog manikins with lungs & femoral pulse)
• Drowning
• Shock
• Broken Bones
• Spinal injury and moving an injured pet
• Tending to your pet
• Controlling Bleeding
• Dressings and Bandages
• Paw Problems
• Ears, Eyes, and Mouth
• Bandaging the Ear
• Bandaging the Tail
• Illnesses
• Poisoning, Bites, and Stings
• Burns and temperature related problems
• Different types and sizes of animals
• The older dog
• Cats
• Small dog care
• Puppies and young animals
• Summary of Pet First Aid
• Traveling with your dog abroad
• Pet First Aid Kits
• Summary

It is a lot to cover but the course has online support and a pdf student manual so plenty of backup for students.

I am very impressed with the Casper canine CPR manikins. They are such an excellent resource.